Why should you list your creative domains on inamy?

When it comes to listing your creative domains for sale you have two main options:

  1. Listing on big general domain marketplaces (i.e. Sedo or Afternic). Unfortunately, unless a potential buyer is looking exactly for your domain, your name will be lost among other thousands of listings, and even when it shows in the first positions on a given search, there will be often better or cheaper alternatives, simply because the number of domains for sale is huge.
  2. Listing on popular brandable domain marketplaces (i.e. BrandBucket or SquadHelp). While it certainly was the best choice until the recent past (several of our own names are still listed there), they have now grown well above the 100,000 listings mark, making it very difficult for your domains to show to potential buyers.

On the contrary listing on a smaller marketplace will give your names all the attention they deserve. Moreover, you will take advantage 1. of the traffic pool of all the domains pointing to our site and 2. of our growing network of affiliates, which will ultimately give your names even greater exposure.

In addition, we take a lower commission (our standard commission is 20%, but you can negotiate a different commission structure if you like) and, above all, we’ll let you choose your preferred asking price, which will also be the exact payment you’ll receive from us when your domain gets sold. No hidden fees whatsoever.

To get the most from your experience with us and to enhance a shared growth, you will be able to participate in business decisions and courses of action, and together we will pave the path to our common branding future.

What are you waiting for? Start selling your names on inamy.com today!

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