Inamy Launches Name Fraction – A Revolutionary Platform for Fractional Domain Ownership

Inamy, a leader in innovative digital solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest venture, Name Fraction. This new platform is set to transform the domain industry by offering fractional ownership of premium domain names. Name Fraction is designed to democratize access to high-value domains, making it easier and more affordable for individuals and small businesses to invest in and benefit from owning parts of domain names that were previously out of reach due to high costs.

Name Fraction will, at a later stage, utilize a cutting-edge technology platform that will allow users to purchase and trade shares in domain names, just as investors might buy stock in a company. This model not only makes premium domains more accessible but also opens up a new investment frontier in the digital space.

What is Fractional Domain Ownership? Fractional domain ownership allows multiple parties to own a share of a domain name, reducing the financial burden on any single investor and providing a new way to diversify digital assets. Each shareowner gains a proportional stake in the rights and potential earnings of the domain managed through Name Fraction’s transparent and secure platform.

Features of Name Fraction:

  • Accessibility: Low entry cost opens up investment in premium domains to a wider audience.
  • Liquidity: Shareowners can buy and sell their stakes through NFT online marketplaces, and later on, on the Name Fraction platform.
  • Security: Advanced blockchain technology ensures that ownership data is immutable and transparent.
  • Community: Users become part of a community of investors, sharing insights and opportunities (in phase 2).

Benefits for Users:

  • Affordable Investment: Participate in the potential upside of valuable digital real estate without the need for substantial capital.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Add domain names as a new asset class to your investment portfolio.

We believe that the future of domain ownership is here. Name Fraction opens up new possibilities for investment and innovation in the digital domain market. Our platform is committed to making domain investment easy, secure, and profitable for everyone, regardless of their investment size.

Launch Event: Join us for the official online launch event, which will feature a live demonstration of the Name Fraction platform, discussions on the future of domain investments, and a Q&A session with the founders. Details and registration information can be found on our website at

About Inamy: Inamy has been at the forefront of digital innovation since its inception in 2007. With a portfolio of successful projects that blend technology and practical applications, Inamy continues to lead the way in digital strategy and development.

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