How to Buy

Buying a domain name on inamy ( is secure and hassle-free as long as buyers and sellers abide by very few basic rules which apply to domains purchased or sold through our website.

How much does it cost?

Buying domains on inamy has some fees associated with the payment method you choose. The basic buying process is managed by All escrow fees are paid by the Buyer. In the case of a successful purchase for an amount greater than $5,000, there are no other fees for the Buyer. In the case of a successful purchase for an amount less than $5,000, we may charge the Buyer a handling fee that will be added during the checkout process.

What are your duties?

As a Buyer, you automatically enter into a legally binding contract to purchase a domain from the Seller if your bid is accepted by the Seller or if you accept a Seller’s offer to sell. inamy’s’ user agreement requires Buyers to pay for the domains that they have committed to purchase within seven (7) days unless otherwise agreed. Buyers who refuse to follow through with domain offers that have been accepted by the Seller are potentially liable to the Seller for breach of the sales contract to which both are parties.

As a Buyer, unless otherwise stated, if you make an offer or counter-offer, it is binding for seven (7) days from the time you make the offer. During this time, you cannot cancel the negotiations or change your bid amount. Sellers are similarly bound to commit to their offers for the same time period.

Finally, as a Buyer, it is your responsibility to research whether or not the domain you are going to buy is subject to trademark or intellectual property protections. If you would like to research whether a particular domain is protected by trademark rights, you can start here.

To report a violation of these terms, please submit an email via inamy’s contact page which can be located here.