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Do you have creative domain names for sale? Submit them to us. We’ll review your names, and those selected will be listed on our website. Please, fill in all the required fields below.

If you include an asking price, the final price will be your asking price plus 20%, which is our commission. If you don’t, we’ll set a price for you, and it will include the aforementioned commission.

If you do not know how to set the price of your domain, you can read our short guide.

To confirm ownership of the domain and to exchange traffic with the listings of other members, we require that you either forward your domain to your sale page (e.g. or point the nameservers of the domain to those specified in the email you will receive after submission.

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If your domain name is already associated with a website, you want to keep it, but you’d like to list it on inamy anyway, you can do that too. We will send a personalized “for sale” image banner that you will publish on your website and will point to your listing. Here is an example:

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